Monday, 18 June 2012

waterlily, more stages

Glad you all enjoyed seeing Missy again.
We've had such dreadful weather in our part of the country, we haven't been out very far afield. Hopefully that can change soon and you'll see more of our little precious :)

Here are some more stages to the waterlily

deepening the blue of the water with french ultramarine
and adding the palest wash of sap green to unify the leaves

 adding different strength washes of green gold, sap green, yellow ochre to give recession to the leaves

 and in this one, just painting the shadows under the leaves
with a mix of french ultra and aliz crimson

Hope you're enjoying the step by step :)


  1. I am enjoying the step by step! Torrential rain and thunderstorm here early this morning! In 3 days summer begins, I hope with better weather for me and for you and Missy!

  2. Your water-lilly is looking lovely Pat! The weather has been awful here too. Endless wind and rain - and were right on the South coast!

  3. Looking great Pat! Love your blues, such clean and pretty washes.

  4. Hi, Pat,
    Thank you for sharing the precious process. I look forward to next !

  5. Interesting to see how you proceed . xx

  6. Hola Pat estoy desosa de ver el resultado final de tu acuarela, estoy al tanto. ¡Un abrazo!
    Missy es muy guapo.

  7. Very interesting to see the various phases...Arianna!


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