Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pancakes with James

Over on Painting Friends, I had made a challenge to paint breakfast.
This is another of my paintings to depict just that.
The other two are Breakfast Chez Moi HERE
and Breakfast on the Patio HERE

This is my third breakfast painting and I think the last.
Named after James Martin the chef, whose recipe for pancake with chocolate sauce was the one I followed to create this.
Whether you like the painting or not, I can recommend the recipe.
It was delicious :)

Pancakes with James

15" x 11"
Arches 140 Rough
WN aq paints


  1. Yummie! The pancake looks almost real and makes me really hungry! How did you manage to paint this without eating it? xx Judy

  2. Pat eres muy simpática! Me encanta tu acuarela (está lista para ser comida). Los colores te han quedado muy bien integrados. ¡Un abrazo!

  3. Judy, I didn't! I took a photo and did the painting from that, after I'd eaten the evidence. Golly, it was delicious :lol:

    Thanks Sonia. I'm very happy with the colours in the pancake and sauce, so glad you like them too :) xx

  4. This is fabulous Pat! I would definitely have to use photographic reference for this because I'd be too impatient to eat it! It's a lovely painting :0)

  5. Hi Pat, the pancake was surely delicious.....but your watercolor version is not less, it looks real!!

  6. It looks delicious and the painting is wondefurl, lovely colors !

  7. Sounds a bit rich for my breakfast, but your painting is fabulous!!!

  8. OMG!!! You did a great job, it looks so real :)

  9. Well Pat:) Thank you for make me drool all over my keyboard. Pancakes are my favorite dinner (in the evening). You painted it so real I tryed to grab it from my monitor but that didn't work:(
    Great job!!

  10. Just looking at your delicious painting is adding inches to my hips! Yummy!

  11. Your painting is lovely Pat and the pancake sounds yummy! :)

  12. Hi Pat, if I'd painted this it would have been an empty plate by the time I'd finished :) Looks good enough to eat!

  13. Pat, this looks fabulous. All it needs is a nice glass of ice cold milk.

  14. Hehe! That would be such fun Pat. Wish we could use those champagne glasses in front of one of the little shops watching all the bright folks wander by. Now i have an idea! I must include some champagne glasses along with shops and flowers in my next village. There must be a street musician too, and a music box man with the little monkey at his side. Even a vendor selling his potions from the back of a gypsy wagon. I can see it all now.
    I am really liking your food and drink series. These pancakes would go great with those fabulous champagne glasses filled with bubbly of course!

  15. Sandra, I was too impatient - couldn't let that baby go cold, could I? :lol:

    Bren, real thing was yummy, painting is too :) xx

    Tito, thank you. When I look at this, I remember that pancake all over again :) xx

  16. Thanks, Jane. I'm particularly enamoured of the reflections in the sauce on the plate :)

    Kathryn, it was heavenly! Glad you like the painting :)

    Thanks, KK, glad you like it xx

  17. Thank you Ashok! xx

    Oh Renate, you made me smile :)
    Sorry about the drool :lol: xx

    Thanks, Robin, glad you like it :) xx

  18. Thank you Ingrid :) xx

    Thanks, Michael. It never even made one colour down before it was eaten. It made one - just one - photo :lol:

    Thanks, Candy. Milk? Not one of the champagne glasses from earlier?

    Ross, I would love to see some glasses in your next painting, street musician and snake oil salesman too :) Then I'd love to see a painting of fields and nothing but dogs running free, all done in your own wonderful style. I'd want to buy them all. I'd best get saving, huh? :)


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