Wednesday, 20 June 2012

waterlily, nearly there

here are the next stages :

adding some more greens to the lily pads

 adding some greens and yellows to the pads for variation. Starting on the waterlily, adding some new gamboge for the yellow and a mix of f.ultra and aliz crimson for the shadows on the lily, and the water droplets.

 Lifting some whites in the pond, to give an illusion of ripples and depth to the water. I'm almost there, but am spending a little while looking, because I feel the large lily pad may need adjusting.

Whatever I decide, the next picture you see will be the finished one :) 


  1. You are getting there Pat, and it is lovely to see your step by step stages. I always enjoy seeing how others go about their works, I have probably said that before, but it is so true. It's like an insight into the artists thoughts too.

  2. Hi Pat, love the composition and that blue you used is gorgeous! I enjoy reading your posts - It's a great sanity check to know what other artists use and to know how they do it too! Great to see Missy again. We're fostering a 6 month old Jack Russel bitch for a poorly friend of ours at the moment ... so Louie is feeling a little pushed out!

  3. I like the waterdrops on the leaves!!

  4. How funny - I have just this minute left Lianna's blog and she has painted the very same subject! I LOVE waterlillies! And I love those water droplets you have added too. Lovely! :0)

  5. So serene. Appreciate seeing how you develop a painting, watching it come to life.

  6. Pat, your lily is delightful. may I be so bold - perhaps a bit more depth and detail on the pads nearest the flower? Tell me if I've over-stepped my bounds. :)

  7. It's looking great. Can't wait for the next picture

  8. i love the details of the droplets of water... and the reflection of the lily. before and afters are so inspiring! can't wait to see the finished piece.

  9. Thanks everyone, glad you're enjoying the stages :)

    Ooh, Michael, be careful she doesn't steal your heart! :)

    Kathryn, you could never over step the mark. *hugs* Thank you for your suggestion xx


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