Tuesday, 20 October 2009

All things Ancient Egyptian

Like many others, I have a fascination for all things Ancient Egyptian.
Last night I was watching a programme about a mummy that resides in Belfast, called Takabuti
It was a fascinating programme, though I had mixed feelings watching it.
Part of me wishes the mummies could have been left to rest in peace, but another part understands how they would have been lost for all time, given the trade by grave robbers at the "mummy markets" of the 1800s.

I once painted a picture of that most famous Ancient Egyptian, Tutankhamun which expresses my feelings.
The Mask is painted in black, white and shades of grey - with only the tear that runs down his face in the gold and blue colours of the real mask.
The title of the painting is "Rest in Peace", a privilege that can never be accorded the boy King - hence his sorrow.

Rest In Peace


  1. I'm of the same opinion Pat, it's a pity man
    interferes so much with these treasures. Love the unusual colouring in your painting.

  2. I am enjoying all the paintings and photos in your blog, Pat.


  3. Glad you're enjoying the blog JoAnn xx

    and thanks, Beryl - I love the colouring in this also :)


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