Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Bella turns model, gets new name

I was so thrilled to receive these pictures of Bella from Marie, that I wanted to share them, and Marie said it was ok!
Sweet Bella has only been with Marie for a few weeks and look at the difference in her already. She look such a happy soul - and who wouldn't be - she has landed on her paws, that's for sure!
The new name came about as Marie realised Bella was too close to her mom's name of Isabel.. so now Bella is Rozabella - or Roz for short.

Roz, you sure are looking good - as good as any model :)


  1. Roz, you really are a beautiful little girl!
    Thank you for sharing your photo's Marie.
    Apologies for mis-reading your name, all sorted now, thanks to Pat.

  2. Roz is a little cracker, isn't she? :)

  3. Beautiful little girl with a beautiful new name.

  4. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. She is having some really happy times. She loves it when I go outside with her.

    Pat, thanks for posting her pictures.

    As I told Pat, I have always wanted to name a pet Bella but my mother is Isabel and goes by Belle. I thought I would get used to it, but for some reason it was bothering me so I thought I better change it before too much time passed.

    She is feeling really good and is healing nicely.


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