Wednesday, 7 October 2009

for Missy and Bella, two rescue dogs


You look at me so quizzically
I wonder what you think?
Staring so intently
Into your eyes I sink

Within I find a world
Where hearts are good and pure
But wait! A little dark place
Where secrets are, I'm sure.

In the heart of my rescue dog
There once lived pain and fear
How could they treat so cruelly
This one I love so dear?

So now I have a mission
And this I swear to you
The heart that loves you now, dear heart
Will only love you true.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Missy, adopted 18.03.06
Bella, adopted 01.10.09
"Oceans and years may separate us, but our hearts - they beat as one"


  1. A very moving and sincere poem Pat. I'd love to know more about Bella.

  2. Bella has recently come to live with my friend, Marie, in Texas. I'll let her tell more when she sees this post.

    Glad you found the poem moving and sincere, Beryl xx

  3. Just beautiful Pat and very fitting for two beautiful loved girls who have a second chance at life.

  4. I looked at Bella and Missy one more time before logging off and it makes me wonder...
    Bella looks so very sad and Missy looks so very happy--I wonder what those little brown eyes that belong to Bella will look like after she realizes she's safe and home and loved...

  5. Thanks, Sharon xx
    Though really, I feel the poem appropriate for ALL rescues *hugs*

  6. Aah, Sharon, the difference being the one of Missy was the first I got of her eyes - and she'd been with us for a few months and was being massaged every day. She already was trusting me. That joy will surely come soon to Bella and Marie xx

  7. A beautiful poem, Pat. I love it. It says so much about all our rescues.

    Beryl, Bella showed up at the end of our drive on September 22. It was raining and she was shaking and scared but I put some food out and she ate it after I stepped back a distance. The next morning she was still around at the end of the long drive, so I lured her closer to the house with bites of food. It took a few days, but she learned she was safe with us. When no one answered the ad in the paper, I declared her mine.

    Sharon, she still look sad sometimes but she is having a lot of happy moments. Tonight we went for a walk and she carried herself like royalty. LOL. When I return from somewhere she is really happy and smiling and wagging her tail.

  8. Marle, It sounds to me as if Bella has found herself a kind family and a loving home to adopt. You will have so much love from her. We think the 'rescued' dogs are always the best and most loyal but you don't need me to tell you that. Have lots of fun together!


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