Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dog Days

Sometimes you have to burn energy. We walk our dog Missy in lots of lovely places, I always take the camera in case I find that special shot that leads me to a painting.
Some days are all about Missy and what she enjoys.

She loves agility.
We went to classes when we first adopted her. Once she got into agility classes she shone! She picked up what to do first time, every time.
Agility built her confidence and taught her to focus.

We even made her own equipment for home use.
She loves it.
... and as you can see, on dog days, its ALL about the girl...

Coming through....

I'm too quick for you, mummy!

ok, I'll do it slowly...

I'll even wait right here...


  1. She's such a lucky, smart girl!! Have that awesome hub of yours come build Ms Molly some stuff and you girls come teach me and Molly how it goes!

  2. SHe just always looks so happy, what a great girl

  3. She is smart, Heather, but we believe we are lucky to have her! How I wish you were closer, we'd love to train with you guys. xx

    She is always happy, Pam. She's as happy as the day is long. The joy in her life spills over into ours, it really does xx


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