Saturday, 3 October 2009


Here's a set up you might recognise from an earlier blog post - on a day I did no painting or drawing, but read my book.
When I put the book and the coffee cup down, I liked the arrangement of shapes they made, so I photographed them.
Now I have made a painting of the photograph - and here it is. I call it:



  1. This unusual still life has turned out really well. I think it's your best yet Pat.

  2. My best yet! High praise indeed :)
    Thanks, Beryl. xx

  3. I love it Pat, Of course I love the blue cup and saucer (my favorite shade of blue) but I also like the red and I like looking at the shapes. What is at the top -- looks like an old wind up type clock?

    Perfect name! :O)

  4. Actually, Marie, that is a pale wooden clock that hubby turned on his lathe for me! It sits well in the conservatory :)

    Once I stood back from the painting, I knew it was the only name for it!


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