Monday, 5 October 2009

Mr Rhino, sir!

I'm practicing wild animals at the moment.
This rhino was done in Inktense pencils without water. I may well add water to it and see what develops.

I have a few wildlife photos (thanks to Becks) that I can use to make paintings, so I want to improve my drawing before I lay brush to paper.

Mr Rhino, sir! ( what else would you call him?) is the first of my practice pieces. Eventually I want to paint him in the loose style I have recently been using .


  1. Looking forward to seeing your 'loose' Rhino Pat. I like this one, as is, personally I wouldn't use water on this version.

    His eye here is very focused,you may lose the menacing stare by adding water.

  2. Its a tough decision, Beryl - I think it always is when you use pencils that you can add water to. You don't want to spoil what you have, but on the other hand, you may get something more beautiful!


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