Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Missy opens her house to Leon

We had a lovely visit from our friend Sheree - who was the recipient of the painting Young Remy.
Sheree brought with her Leon the English Setter.

Now both Leon and Missy have had "issues" in the past with other dogs and have been known to be dog UN-friendly.

Both Sheree and I were pleased to see what these photos show..

that Missy wasn't bothered to have another dog in her house..

and Leon was happy to lie down near another dog and ignore her.

They both shared a bag of treats.. with not a sign of aggression to each other.

It was a lovely visit and a heartwarming one.
They've both come a long way :)


  1. That's good to know Pat. They have both come a long way, from what you tell me.

  2. For sure they have, Beryl. It was a treat to see :)


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