Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Comes Early in Texas

Long time ago, in a galaxy far away.....

I made a friend who lives in Texas. We share a mutual love of Jack Russell Terriers, and our jacks brought us close together.
I love her dogs as if they were mine, and she loves mine as if they were hers.

So when it came to Christmas this year, I made a painting of my friend Marie's beloved jack Jazzabella Jasmine Jacqueline Russell von Burkhardt (who now resides in Heaven) and the Peace rose given to her after Jazz's passing.
For the story of "You are Not Alone" click here

and my own darling Missy wanted her Arnkee Mawie to have a pikshure of her own self, and as Marie had admired this painting.. it was the one which wended its way to Texas.

Sent early to make sure they could be framed for Christmas.. and here they are, sitting under the tree !


  1. Both paintings look beautiful sitting there under the tree and I am thrilled to have them. Pat told our story so well I can only add my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

  2. and I am so thankful to have a friend like you, Marie. I've been blessed :)


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