Friday, 11 December 2009

Welcome, Goetz.


the pet name derived from Gottfried, meaning "God's Peace"
Given that Goetz will be marking the spot we re-buried Suzy, we think its a good name.
For Suzy's story, click here....


  1. Wow! You've really excelled yourself with this Pat. It's terrific! I would love our Poodle pictures to be as realistic as this! The colouring for the whole picture is just perfect.

  2. thanks, Beryl - glad you like it. He has a certain something, does Goetz.
    The colours were limited, and repeated in sky, wood and gargoyle, which does help tie it all together - as you know. xx

  3. He looks alive - not like a statue, but ready to pounce. Those eyes bore right into you - really good, Pat.


  4. Thanks Libba xx

    Alive was exactly how I wanted to paint him - so I'm thrilled you think he looks alive!


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