Thursday, 3 December 2009

Pointillism, art technique

When I went to college for an art course, in my City and Guilds class we learned Creative techniques with Watercolour.
One of my favourite techniques I learned was pointillism - and here are a few examples which I painted:


  1. Well done Pat.
    Is there no end to your artistic talents?

  2. ......and reserve of pictures!!!!

  3. No end to the talent Beryl - but the reserve of pictures is finite :)

    I'm sure I'll be doing something brand new shortly.... and so should you be!!!!

  4. I really like these Pat--they look really fun to do.

  5. They are fun to do Sharon - and very relaxing. Almost hypnotic. But they can't be done quickly.
    I think once the New Year is done and all commissions cleared, I shall paint another just for fun :)


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