Friday, 4 December 2009

Sioux, See!

When we moved into this house we were doing some work in the garden, and we discovered a shallow grave. On investigation we discovered it was the grave of the previous family's beloved german shepherd dog, Suzy.

We dug a deeper grave for Suzy, in the shade of the sycamore where she will never be disturbed.

We were keeping our eyes peeled for something to mark her spot, something that would fit in with our likings also. The usual pet markers didn't do it for us as.

Monday, we came across this chappie - who is temporarily named Sioux, See! until we come up with a better name. If you have the ideal name, leave us a comment, please. We'll consider all suggestions.

here's the gargoyle - and yes, I'll paint him.. I have an idea in mind :)


  1. Would 'On Guard' or 'A loyal protector' be any good or are you wanting something shorter like

  2. A proper name is what we're after Beryl. Our others are called names like, Ferdinand, Norbert, Gordon and Jabba,, so we tend towards the Germanic or old English..
    If there's a name that means "loyal protector" that might well do it. Is there such a name?

  3. Phineas - Give this name to a loyal protector; Perhaps a German Shepherd.
    (Hebrew) - Exodus 6:25 - "bold aspect; face of trust or protection."

    A quick google search :D
    Its a lovely story and I cant wait for the final painting

  4. Thanks Pam. Phineas is a good name with a lovely meaning. It'll be in the pot for when we finally decide :)
    I hope you're enjoying the painting journey .

  5. Suzie will be safe with Goetz on guard over her. Well done Pat.......and he's more handsome than the original!

  6. thanks Beryl! I'm really happy how Goetz developed in the painting :)


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