Friday, 25 September 2009

You Are Not Alone

The title of this painting is "You Are Not Alone"
Painted for a very dear friend who lost her jack russell, Jazzie, to liver cancer. The rose is one bought in remembrance of Jazzie and it has flowered each year.
I wanted this painting to show Jazzie "sniffing" her rose, to convey the message to the lady who loved her so much, that Jazzie was never far away, and she was not alone.
It is a very sentimental painting - and the sentiment is love.
No finer feeling in this world - or the next!


  1. A sad story Pat, beautifully illustrated by somebody knowing how distressing it is to lose a pet dog. Your friend will be thrilled to receive this gift.

  2. Thanks Beryl. xx
    My friend saw the painting last night - else I wouldn't have posted it - and she is thrilled with it, just having seen the photo!

  3. I'm not surprised. She will appreciate the thought and care you put in to it as well.

  4. Hi Pat and Beryl, I am truly moved beyond words by this painting. It is very powerful to me, and though I am already very familiar with the love and friendship Pat sends from her heart, this painting is extra special . . . because she worked so hard on it, learning a brand new technique to her, but also because it is simply enchanting.

    Though an ocean apart when Jazzie passed, Pat was by my side. I felt her presence and she understands me more than anyone.

    Pat, I'm sending you all my love and gratitude for this wonderful gift. It is truly magical.

  5. Thank you , Marie. I knew you'd appreciate the painting. Your comment is very special to me *hugs*

  6. How very sweet, Pat, an I love the symbolism.


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