Saturday, 26 September 2009

So happy together

On this journey with watercolour and my dog, have I shown you a picture of us both?
Well here we are, out on a walk, happy to be together and enjoying the super sunny day!

The other constant companion is my slimline camera, a Fujifilm A850.
I love it because its as slim as a pack of cards and is very lightweight, making it ideal for the roving artist. After all, you never know when you will capture an inspirational scene - or a happy moment!


  1. With your influence Pat, I also take my Fujifilm camera with me Pat. Hoping for some good subjects whilst on holiday next week.

  2. I hope you get some good subjects too, Beryl.
    We'll have to have a painting day when Paul and I are NOT working on the house!

  3. I'll book that in my 2012 diary then!

  4. You think it will take us that long to fix the house?
    I'm aiming for July next year :)


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