Friday, 11 September 2009

first effort, new style

This morning I had five drawings lined up to practice the new style on .
Here's the first one, a chunky running puppy .

Here's the painting after I had laid all the base washes for background and pup.

I was surprised how wet the first washes were - its a long time since I used a squirrel mop brush. I had time to drive down to the local farm shop a couple of miles away and get some more food for Missy. When I came home it still wasn't completely dry!

Then came the building up of the other washes. For the pup, there were no step by step instructions, so I winged it a bit. I'm quite pleased with the result though. Here it is:

Next time I paint, I think instead of doing a small 3x4 square as this pup was, I shall paint it large - 15x11 probably. Then I can really let the paint flow!
I hope you're enjoying the journey with me :)


  1. I really enjoy following the painting steps. The pup looks alive, happy and active to me. I get a feel for him and could reach out and hug him.

  2. I'm glad you like the steps. I'm never sure if people find those boring.

    So delighted you get a feel for him and think he's alive, happy and active!
    That's about the best critique I could ask for. xx

  3. Pat, he's gorgeous! Very well done, it was worth being patient.

    The first wash looked interesting.

  4. Thanks, Beryl xx

    That first picture is actually a graduated wash of three colours as a base and then a second wash of the same colours added in, only in selected areas.

  5. I love him Pat--he looks kind of out of focus to me but that's what I think makes him interesting. And yep he looks ready to jump off the page.

  6. He does look as if he's in soft focus - definitely not the way I usually paint. Wilbur was pin sharp.
    But this little guy does have a certain something, which I can't pin down in words yet.

  7. Is the word Motion--he looks like he's in motion. You can just see the energy in him.

  8. More than just motion, I think - there's an "aliveness" about him too. Only I don't think that's a real word!


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