Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Missy - the artist's model

My darling Missy is such a pretty little girl that sometimes she just takes your breath away. At least seventeen times a day she strikes a pose I could easily paint.

So today I thought I would show you a sleeping pose, the photo first and then my 5 minute sketch, which tries to capture, not a photographic likeness, but a sense of the scene.

The sense of stillness and happiness that Missy enjoys, I think is captured - though I know what to look for! I wonder if you see it too?


  1. I love both the photo and your interpretation of it Pat. She's a delightful dog.

  2. Thanks, Beryl. I can't help smiling every time I look at the sketch - or the real life doggy, come to that !

  3. Hello....First of all, I appreciate that you took the time to send me an email with advice about how I can find something gluten free to eat (and how I could go back to eating wheat if I'm careful) and I am so glad you gave me that advice because I could use all the help I can get! I carry around a bottle of GLUTENEASE, just in case I can't find anything gluten free to eat and it helps a great deal but I cannot spend $30.00 per bottle very often and I must rely on my trusty recipes, etc.
    I love your dog, Missy, and I wonder if she's a wire haired fox terrier or a mix? I am crazy about little dogs like yours but then again I am crazy about dogs in general!
    Your paintings are so well done and I would love to find out how much they cost and if you make notecards as well. I haven't had a chance to shop yet because I am on my way to pet sit but will look later on!
    Occasionally I host a giveaway and one time I hosted a personalized pet portrait giveaway and if you are interested in giving away just one painting I would love to do that for you....let me know....April

  4. Hi April,
    I hope you can get the book - it really did help me :)
    Missy is a wire haired parson jack russell - a rescue dog from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. When we adopted her she was 8 years old - she's coming up 13 now :)
    I paint for a hobby, not a business. Sometimes when someone falls so in love with one of mine, I do sell it and donate the money to the Dogs Home :)
    Pat xx


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