Friday, 4 September 2009

Windy sketch

My word! What a windy day we had yesterday. It didn't let up at all.
It was of course, far too windy for anyone with an ounce of sense to put their sheets on the line, so I made up a quick painted sketch instead .
That's the wonderful thing about painting - you can make it up.

here's the sketch - I quite like it and may well include elements of it in a worked up painting. Keep your eyes peeled!

Now whilst I was painting this sketch, and the wind was howling - where was my brave little doggy?

Was she outside barking in the face of the elements? Was she hurling defiance in the face of the wind?
Was she heck!

She was being the world's most sensible dog and having a sleep til it all blew over.


  1. Missy, you go girl! :O) Auntie Mawie

  2. Pat, I like the windy sketch too. I love the blue you used in the sky. Will keep watch for the painting.

  3. The blue was Indigo, Marie.
    Very dark at the top and weaker as I came down.

    I have a painting in mind to do, and it involves roses and a very special dog :) The preliminary sketches are done already.

    Once it is done, I may well make a fully worked up version of the sheets in the wind :)

  4. And she's a lovely dog, as well as being wise!

  5. She is a lovely dog, and very wise.
    She waited for us to adopt her, didn't she? Proof if proof were needed :)


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