Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jazz and Peace

Jazzabella Jasmine Jacqueline Russell ( Jazz for short ) was a very lucky dog.
After a bad start in life she was adopted by a wonderful lady who lived on a farm. Jazz had many adventures around the farm, running up and down the rows of crops and riding in the farmer's truck. Greatly loved by all.
No dog could wish for a better life.

When Jazz passed away, her wonderful owner was understandably distraught. I came up with the idea of buying a rose to commemorate Jazz that could be planted on the farm.
Together with another friend, we bought two roses, Peace and Memorial Day.

Here is a sketch of a flower from the Peace rose, with darling Jazzie looking over it, telling her mum she will never be alone.

It is a sentimental piece - and when I make it into a painting, it will be a sentimental painting. The sentiment is love. No finer feeling.

This above all.


  1. There's my sweet girl! Thank you Pat for that beautiful tribute. Jazz, thank you for your love.

  2. That's such a beautiful sentiment Patt.

  3. Marie, you are more than welcome.
    You gave Jazz a life some dogs can only dream of.


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