Monday, 21 September 2009

Rave on a Sunday

Rainham Association for Village Events (RAVE) held an Arts Fair in the grounds of Rainham Hall, a lovely old Georgian House, and part of the National Trust. (all blue text is a clickable link)

Beryl and I perused the stalls, talked to stall holders - saw some lovely artwork, which I would happily have linked to, but the lady had no website! How modern am I that I was shocked she didn't?

I love these little art and craft events and I always try to support them somehow. I managed to buy one hand knitted hat for my winter walks with Missy - who has been written about in a National Trust book " Give a Dog a Home, True Tales of Courage and Survival"

I also found some inspiration in the churchyard next to the house, as you can see with these two photos. They'll make it into paintings one day!


  1. It was a delightful day Pat,augmented by our also having the opportunity to sit in the pleasant grounds of Rainham Hall, enjoying coffee and cake!

  2. Looks lovely - I cant wait to see your paintings from it.

    Best of luck with the givaway, I would love to make Missy, but also a little scared cos you already have a fab feltpet of her - and she was one of my insperations for making fuzzylugs :D

  3. I didn't know that Missy was one of your inspirations! I am honoured.
    Actually, I felt it a bit cheeky as I already had a feltpet to enter a comp. to win another!
    So instead, I am rooting for Ben :)


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