Monday, 14 September 2009

We have a visitor today!

This visitor we have today is none other than our good friend Glynis.
She comes all the way from Australia!
She's staying in the west of London, but making a special visit to the wilds of Essex to see us in our new house!

Last visit we wanted to take a pic of Missy on Glynis' lap, but no sooner than Missy got up, had a fuss then she jumped off again - and my camera skills weren't quick enough to snap the best picture. I am used to things not moving!

Glynis is the very talented lady who makes the FeltPets.

She also adores dogs and has even taken courses so she can help train and rehabilitate some of the dogs in shelters. She also fosters dogs who might otherwise be stuck in kennels - and cares for them until a new forever home is found.
She's an all round star!


  1. Glynis sounds to be a lovely person, most people who like dogs are normally very kind characters.
    Her felt dog is beautiful, we thought it was alive when we first saw it. Is this a new addition to your family Pat? It looks like Minny Chief Two.

  2. Glynis is a lovely person!
    The FeltPet is a copy of MissyChief - from a photo Beryl.
    Search the blog for the FeltPet post (in July) and you'll see the photo. You'll also see the photo and FeltPet of Spotty.
    They really are outstanding sculptures :)


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