Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Journey Home

My friend Beryl came around for a visit yesterday.
Her husband Dennis was helping my Paul to put a new roof on the garage.

So, in between making cups of tea, Beryl and I set to, making an abstract painting each.

This is mine - and I call it "The Journey Home"


  1. Very nice abstract. I'm starting to like them more and more.

  2. This turned out well Pat. Had you been practising earlier?
    We had a lot of fun creating our pictures didn't we? Pity about the 'blood' up your tiles!

  3. Thanks, Marie.
    I like losing myself in them, opening up my mind and eyes to see new things.

  4. I had done some abstracts before yesterday, Beryl. I really like how the salt draws the water and paint in.

    I thought the blood up the tiles was hilarious - very "Desperate Romantics"
    Great fun - as art should be!

  5. That one looks like fish to me, like coy or something, I like it alot!


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