Saturday, 12 September 2009

Meet the ginger one

Here we are - the second attempt at the loose impressionistic style.
The first photo shows the cat after all the base washes were done, you can just make out his shape.

The second shows the finished cat.
I quite like him - he has a certain spark about him - and you can certainly see he's a cat !


  1. He's so realistic, Missy will want to sort him out!

    It's very good Pat, you've obviously enjoyed using this method of creating animal portraits.

    I love it, despite not liking cats!!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed it, Beryl!
    Its very different from what I usually do, but fascinating. I shall definitely be doing more :)

  3. oooh!! I want a Molly done like THIS now!! I love it!

  4. Thanks, Heather. xx
    Keep watching, when I have done some more practice pieces, I will surely try a Missy in this style - then you can see what a rough coat jack will look like :)


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