Friday, 30 March 2012

Awash with Daffs and a Sea Change

I love daffodils, they tell us spring is here at last !
I painted a loose, washy set of daffs, just because they were there :)
Hope you enjoy them .

Awash with daffs.

Arches 140 Rough, 8" x 11"

A Sea Change is a significant transformation  - - and I've had one of those!
Since the anguish of thinking two of my original paintings had been lost by the tracked mail service, I decided that no longer would I send originals in the post.  Can't tell you the emotions that happen when you think pieces are lost. Never wanting to go through that again,  I decided instead to make prints, cards and posters available on RedBubble. If you look to the right and click their logo it will take you to my profile on there.
That is  a big change for me, one I hope will also make my art more accessible to all. 


  1. What a beautiful daffodil painting! It is so difficult to paint definition in all those yellows, you did great! I'll have a look at Red Bubble and find out how that works.

  2. Thanks Judy!
    Will look forward to hearing what you think on RedBubble.
    I've to start work soon, but will be back this evening for a catch up xx

  3. I would also love to try making some of my own prints - but I wonder if the quality is any good? It would be great to hear what you think of your prints when you see them. Lovely Dafs by the way! :0)

  4. Oh those daffodils spell Spring, very fresh. Congratulations on starting up a RedBubble shop - hope you get lots of sales.

  5. Hi,Pat,
    I love your daffodils and wash!! Congrats!

  6. I am sosorry to hear baout paintings getting lost in post. Its such a terrible thing. I hope such a thing never happens to anybody.

    Coming to the daffs, I really liked the way you have acheived transparency here. They just glow..

  7. I love this yellow! Arianna

  8. Hello, Pat.

     Awe inspiring your works...
     It lets me feel warmth with the humanity.

     The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  9. seeing the first daffodils in spring is always a welcome sight. Love your painting.
    That would be awful having your original work lost in the mail. I don't blame you at all for the change.

  10. Love this painting! The yellows are cheerful and the style is free and unrestrained. Great work!

  11. I love when you paint loose!This set of daffs is precious.I think it's interesting to make prints of your work, I'll take a look. Wish you a nice sunday, Pat!xx

  12. Love this loose style and a perfect subject too!

  13. Thanks everyone!
    Glad you all like the loose style, that's also unusual for me :)
    Sandra, I've only heard god things about the quality of redbubble, but will let you know for sure when I've received the cards I'm going to order for myself! xx

  14. I'm so sorry you've lost some original pieces. How horrible for you.
    Your daffodils are just perfection!!
    Good luck with the new venture. Happy Easter. Love xx

  15. A beautiful, lovely, loose painting just in time for Easter! Nicely done Pat and now, thanks to you i am word verification free! I had no idea it was there. Will now go look at the Red Bubble site. Have a wonderful day Pat.


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