Sunday, 18 March 2012

Missy and her 6th Anniversary!

The 18th March 2006 was the day we adopted our darling Missy from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.
She was approximately 8 years old at the time.

A great day for all of us.

Here she is, the gorgeous Missy

and we had to buy a couple of toys and some chewy shoeys, didn't we?

Let me at him!

Straight for the jugular!

enjoying the shoe chew :)

Happy Adoption Day, our darling girl. :)
You've brought so much joy, laughter and love into our lives.

Thank you, Battersea, for keeping Missy safe in your love for two whole years, while she waited for us. We can't thank you enough.



  1. Happy Anniversary to the sweet girl!

  2. Happy anniversary to Missy and you!

  3. thanks, Judy!
    So far its been walkies in the sunshine - can you believe it? :)
    Toys have been played with and now she's having a snooze :) xx

  4. Happy adoption day for Missy. Hope she brings more extra fun for your family, Pat. Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. Thanks, Cora. I'm sure she will :)

    You have a fabulous weekend too :) xx

  6. Of course Missy should be flowered with gifts on such an important day!!! Happy Anniversary to this lovely creature! xx

  7. Happy anniversary to you and Missy! Lots of love from the humans and furry kids here in Las Vegas. Missy, you're beautiful!

  8. Happy A-Day to all! She's a doll

  9. Well happy anniversary to Missy.

  10. Happy Anniversary to all of you!!! Missy, you are a most fortunate girl, and Pat, you are lucky to have found your sweet Missy. Have a wonderful weekend.
    PS - Missy, you look GREAT!!!

  11. Pat, I don't have to tell you what I feel about this post. She is a sweetheart and I love that face, I wish her a Happy Anniversary. please hug her for me . BJ

  12. Those eyes are so full of love. You are all truly blessed. Wishing you many more years of happiness. Marie

  13. Happy Anniversary!! I love first photo, she's too cool! Arianna!

  14. Hi Pat. Thanks so much for your comment about my dog portrait. It was the best comment ever! I appreciate so much the feedback. I am going to try to lighten that area for sure. It did bother me, but i was carefully following the photo which is what i tell my class to "not do"! Smile!
    Your little Missy sure is a cutie. I know how these little ones get into our hearts. They are truly a blessing.
    And i agree with you on word verification. Yikes! "Why?", is my only question....
    Have a great day Pat.

  15. Happy Anniversary to you and Missy. Hope you both have many more years of love and happiness.

  16. Happy anniversary Missy and Pat!

  17. Happy anniversary Missy! Enjoy that chewy shoe!

  18. Thanks, everyone xx
    We had a wonderful day, filled with walkies, playing, snoozing and snacking :)
    We certainly are blessed.
    thanks again for all your good wishes xx

  19. Your photos and comments brought me out in Goosebumps dear Pat. Such a lovely little dog. Bless her heart on her Anniversary.
    Love and Hugs xx

  20. Aww happy anniversary to all of you. She's such a sweetheart. :))

  21. Happy belated gotcha day Missy.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  22. Oh, she did deserve those toys! Happy Anniversary to all of you!


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