Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pears and Comments

I'm still keeping my painting eye in whilst I'm on the writing course :)
Class tonight and then one more next week and I'll be writing totally on my own!

I had some time this morning, so was running through the blogs I follow. Entranced by Judy's hyacinths, I thought I'd try to leave a comment, despite the blinking awful word verification that Blogger has "improved" Ha!

I wrote a lovely long comment, telling Judy how I loved her hyacinths, the flicks and dabs creating the impression of pollen and scent. Really quite fabulous.
First attempt at wv failed, as did second. Third went through, until a little box came up saying that an error had occurred and the comment couldn't be published.

So Judy, and all other friends who use word verification, I'm sorry, but no comments from me. The system drives me mad . Write, fail, fail, fail. Just how I feel about blogger's system. Fail.

Enough with the complaining - here are the pears :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Will be reading and keeping up with you all.
Pat xx


  1. Hi Pat, I'm with you on the Word Verification as you know...what an awful system it is. I still try to make my way through commenting on blogs, but I am near to giving up!

    Really enjoy seeing your paintings - I like the first version best of all. Saying that I do like how you have handled the second version with the yellows and reds, and yet you haven't ended up with orange..not that orange is a bad thing, but I do think this shows your skill with watercolour.

  2. Thanks, Ann.
    I'm partial to the first also, but I took them to art club last night and once a mount was put round the reds - my word, but that popped! xx

  3. Hi Pat,
    great pears! I quite like the red ones :) I agree about the captcha. I think that everyone should get rid of it!

  4. Thank you for your praise, Pat, and I am so sorry you could not comment on my blog. I've reinstated wv after receiving lots of spam, but I'll reconsider. I've noticed that just typing the first word does not work anymore.

  5. Oh.... and the pears are delicious! Love the red ones!

  6. Thanks Kyla. The reds were quite popular at art club too :) xx

    Hi Judy, glad you like the pears.
    The word thing is a pain. You do now have to type both words.
    I'm sorry you got loads of spam.
    Nearly all my spam stopped when I don't allow anonymous comments and moderate too.
    I really hope blogger will do something! xx

  7. Beautiful painting Pat! I love how juicy and lucious those pears look. And I TOTALLY agree about the word ver. I have stopped commenting as much as I used to because it drives me crazy and takes foreeeeever. :)

  8. Hi Pat. Love the shapes of your still-life, and the hot colors in the second painting!!

  9. Hello Pat:) Tip: If I made a large comment I always copy the text before I try to send it. If the sending fails I only have to past the text again instead of type everything again and again and again!
    However; your pears didn't suffer on it. Thea are just great!! Especially the red ones are brillant!

  10. I have followed your lead and posted about it on my blog. although I never had the captcha vw. I find it a pain too. so no more.
    I hope this comes through , I tried earlier to comment on your wonderful pears, and have the one you sent to me ,, right inf front of my nose all the time... hmmm! smells good too! BJ

  11. Hi Pat, I like the first one, particularly for the colors and lights on the pears. Very original the second one! Hug!

  12. I got rid of the darn thing and touch wood I haven't had any spam. It's such a pain in the you know what!

    I love your pears Pat. Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs xx

  13. Pat,
    I love the way color has just exploded in both of these..When you let watercolor do its own thing magic like this happens.

  14. It is always interesting to paint the same version with different colours to see how the mood changes, both are very lovely.
    I agree with you on all this word's really a drag!

  15. Delicious pears, especially the last ones! Arianna

  16. I am totally with you on the word verification! I have given up a few times when trying to comment on blogs. They are so hard to read and I almost always get it wrong! Anyway - I have never had it on my own blog and so far only one spam comment received in three years - Even then, all I had to do was press delete! No biggie! :0)
    Lovely pears by the way :0)

  17. I love your pears and I share your sentiments on word verification. It's dreadful

  18. Hi,Pat,
    Your work is good. Take care. Don't worry about leaving comments.

  19. Lovely work Pat. The pears look so juicy.

    Don't like the verification either. Maybe if we all complain. LOL.

  20. Love the pears! Both versions!

  21. I also like the first one, beautiful. Re: word ver., one time I tried to present the bloggers comments in my blog in a pop up window, then after a few days I noticed that word ver. which I myself have difficulty recognizing. So I reverted back to 'embedded' way which asks no word verification.

  22. Thanks everyone!
    So glad you all like the pears.
    I too love how the watercolour exploded, but will admit, I used a spray bottle to force the water to break the edges of the pears. then the colour flowed where it willed :) xx

  23. Ciao Pat, I like both and the spirit of experiment that is a very good thing... for all
    The second one is fascinating for the strong color...
    Ciao, un abbraccio, Floriana

  24. Love your pears, Pat! Both are adorable! Regarding wv, I'll check if I'm using it, after changes I made on my blog.I dont like it and dont need it, as I never get spam.
    Wish you a lovely weekend!

  25. Blogger is a pain. I wish they would just leave things alone. I loved using their picnik as did many others and now they are just getting rid of it. So stupid.


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