Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Year of Painting, Self Portrait.

Over at Painting Friends, its the last of the Year of Painting

Number Twelve, Self Portrait

Personal Goals for this Painting:

The goals were for me to make four thumbnails again and paint all four, finishing this year of painting with a flourish.

Here are the four thumbs.

After I finished these, I thought I'd start with the pencil portrait as that would undoubtedly take the longest. The basic shapes were there when I thought, ah, go on, paint this one. So I did.
When it was finished I called it “Prime Time”

Prime Time

Challenges Faced
Painting the portrait came quite easily, especially because I had chosen to be quite kind in my depiction. Near the end I started to get emotional, as I always do with my dog portraits when I think I have the likeness. 

Then the name popped into my head “Prime Time” and I got really upset. 
 I'd chosen a double portrait, me and my dog, because I am really uncomfortable with painting myself alone. 
It struck me then that this photo was taken in our prime time, that for both of us there was more behind than there was ahead. 
That realisation brought me up short and I was choked.
I put the painting in my folder and I couldn't paint any more of the thumbs.

Share Personal Goals and whether you felt you Met Them
My goal was to make all four thumbs into paintings.
The emotion of painting Prime Time put paid to that, so no, I didn't meet my goals.

How I created the Painting.
I had a line drawing to begin with.
Then I started by painting myself as the background figure, followed by Missy in the foreground.
Not photorealistic, but reasonably realistic. I didn't bother with wrinkles, sure I didn't see any!

Size of Painting, Medium, Palette and Brushes.

The painting is on Arches 140 Rough 11” x 8”
The medium is pencil for the under drawing and watercolour for the painting.
W&N artists quality paint.
Palette colours used : yellow ochre, aliz crimson, permanent rose, french ultramarine, sepia, burnt sienna, cad red.
Brushes: round 12, round 6, round 2.


  1. Pat, what a wonderful painting!!!! I can see your emotions in it. Masterpiece! xx

  2. Hi,Pat,
    I love all your portraits. The watercolour one is a masterpiece. Congrats. Also, I always admire your sense of humour that brightens up our world!!

  3. Ahh, this is adorable! I have never tried a self portrait and I don't think I would ever be brave enough! It came as quite a shock when Codi died around 4 years earlier than expected, but you and Missy have a lovely life together and I am sure she will be a very old lady before that happens :0)

  4. Thanks, Judy. It was an emotional one to paint. There won't be another any time soon! :) xx

    Thanks, Sadami :)
    I try to keep a bit of humour, otherwise I might drown in emotion. No, not really, I float quite well :) xx

    Thanks Sandra.
    You know, I never painted Spotty (my first dog) when she was alive - and I so lived to regret that. Hence me doing many of Missy while she's here.
    She's already a little old lady, she's 14. She arrived here at 8y.o. and by 12 she's lost that gorgeous tan colouring, but luckily it has changed to a gorgeous white! :)
    Its always too early when they go, but I know Codi had a wonderful life with you *hugs*

  5. It's an important painting Pat.
    I know she's up there in years, aren't we all? but it's the NOW that's most meaninful.
    hugs to you and Missy . BJ

  6. VERY nice work, Pat! The both of you look wonderful- self portraits are tough, so at least you should take the opportunity for some artistic license and leave out a wrinkle or two!

  7. Pat, what a wonderful painting. I still haven't the intestinal fortitude to do a self=portrait. I love your composition, with Missy in the foreground. I am certain it was difficult; thank you for sharing your emotions on creating the portrait!

  8. Excellent Pat, love the two of you, very good job!

  9. Beautiful portrait Pat. love the title. hugs.

  10. Love this one! Really sweet.

  11. Wonderful portrait! Well done!

  12. Ciao, very nice the image of you and your dog...you seems in "simbiosi"
    a very big friends and happy to be together. I had a dog and I know what this means...
    Beatiful! Ciao, Floriana


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