Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Previously, I'd bought a wall hanging from Hillbilly Handiworks,
then commissioned a dining set - and now I have cushion covers :) 

How delightfully wrapped they were, Tonya! 

and the colours look so scrumptious

here they are in place on the sofa! 

of course, they haven't passed quality control until a certain supervisor checks them out..

  and once she has first dibs on one, we know they're fine! :)

Thank you so much Tonya - we're delighted with them :)
If you'd like to see some of Tonya's quilting artwork, go HERE


  1. Wow - A room SO full of colour! It can only be an uplifting place to be :0)

  2. What a gay collection of cushion covers you've got there. Lovely! xx

  3. Thanks, Sandra. The colour is in the details - the walls are plain black and white and the furniture dark.
    It means I can add loads of splashes - and I do :) xx

    Thanks, June. They certainly are gay and bright. I love them :) xx

  4. Lovely colourful cushions! I love a neutral coloured living space with splashes of colour in the details, that is how I do it too!

  5. What a great splash of color against the black! These cushions are lovely and can certainly liven up any room.

  6. Wow, these are great cushions and they look so good on your sofa. I think Missy is very restrained...William would have torn off round the room shaking them!

  7. Your cushions are fabulous, Pat!!! And I see that Misty gave the "paw" of approval! :)

  8. Nice cushions, Missy will like to sleep over these one! Arianna

  9. They're so bright and cheery. Glad to see Missy approves of them

  10. THey would have been much better wrapped but I had a helper. He insisted on doing tape so I just finished them up before he helped much more. LOL

    I love to see them on your couch. Can I share a photo on my blog?

  11. Very color- and joyful , the expression of a very creative person!

  12. Hai Pat:) You are so creative! They look beautiful in your livingroom and the dog fits in perfect:)

  13. Thanks everyone, glad you've enjoyed seeing them :) xx


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