Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bin Training

My little dog can be a bit sensitive around sudden noises. Why, we don't know.
What I do know is she usually hides when the bin men come to visit.
Yesterday we had the delivery of two new bins as our local council gets right into re-cycling; so I took this as an opportunity to teach Missy not to be scared.

As the bins came off the truck and got wheeled to their new homes, I had Missy in a sit and each time she wagged at the delivery men, I gave her a treat. When she acted scared I ignored it, if she broke the sit, I asked her to sit again.

By the time the men delivered to our house, she was wagging like fury - and just as I hoped the Bin Man made an enormous fuss of her.

Bins are nowhere near as scary now. Good girl Missy!


  1. Well done Missy, you're a brave girl!

  2. She tries her best Beryl.
    She's a lovely dog and I'm glad we adopted her. xx


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