Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Walking with the Chief

Missy has a second name, MissyChief.
That's because a little while after we adopted her, when she'd settled in, we saw the twinkle of mischief come back into her eye - which as terrier lovers delighted us.

We walk frequently and today we had a lovely experience. We met someone who Missy adores and this lady adores Missy.
Today, as usual she made a fuss of MissyChief then she said to me "Do you know, I hate jack russells!"
She went on to say "But I adore Missy. Jacks are usually so yappy and snappy, but not your girl. I love Missy. If she was the only jack I knew, I would have one.. She's a real credit to you"

She's come a long way from the girl we adopted from Battersea - but we always thought she had it in her.
Thank God they kept her for 2 years, whilst she waited for us.

Walking with the Chief, heads held high.
Now there's a painting I should make!


  1. And that's a lovely image! Missy is indeed an ambassador for the terrier group.

  2. thanks, Marie. She has certainly made a few converts :)

  3. ..and she's a poser!! She knows how beautiful she is and we agree.

  4. She is a beautiful little girl - and so photogenic. We adore her!


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