Sunday, 22 November 2009

Watercolour painting of Milo goes home.

Saturday sees me working into the afternoon.
Sometimes I paint afterwards to have a change of pace, but this weekend I had a lady arrive to pick up her painting.
Milo's mum came to pick up the painting of Milo and Shady.
Milo's mum is a lovely lady, who cares a great deal for her dogs. She fell in love with my jack russell, Missy - who was the complete Diva and performed many tricks for her.

The painting was studied, the mum amazed at the exactness of the likeness.
And now the painting has gone home, to bring only happy memories of an enthusiastic, joyous terrier .

Milo Goes Home.... Go Milo!


  1. We were both pleased with the picture when you first finished it and I know how much you enjoyed painting it Pat.
    You must be delighted that Milo's mum recognised it as a perfect likeness. No wonder she was feasting her eyes on it, enjoying many happy memories of happy times with her lovely dog.

  2. I am absolutely delighted, Beryl.
    I know this painting will be treasured for a lifetime :) xx

  3. I think that's real job satisfaction Pat!

  4. What Beryl said. Your reward must be amazing. I know the painting will be treasured.

    Go Milo. Take your place among the Champions.


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