Saturday, 21 November 2009

Increasing Blog Traffic

I had some free time between patients today, so decided to read some art posts on the internet. Some of the articles were specifically aimed at people who paint and blog.
You know the type of thing.. 12 things you must do to increase traffic to your blog...

I got as far as number three when from underneath my glass computer table, I felt the Hypno Stare working.....

and you guessed it, I never got as far as Number 4 on the list.
One delightful little dog got a long walk instead.
The fresh air was probably better for me, too!


  1. That is the cutest thing! Who could resist that face and looking up from under like that?

    I love your glass table top.

  2. Missy has ways of making you walk, she's not going to allow more than a fair share of your time on your computer.

  3. You can't resist her, at all :)
    She gets her walks every time.

    Missy likes the glass table too :lol:

  4. Missy does have her ways of making me walk - the little treasure :)

  5. :D fab. I am guilty of spending too much time online, those eyes just remind you there are better things to be doing

  6. Its so easy to lose track of online time - but not when you have a little girl with such big brown eyes! :)
    And you're right Pam - there are better things to be doing! xx


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