Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Thames riverside walk

Back in the days I worked in accounts at a firm at Blackfriars, London, I used to spend many a happy lunchtime walking down by the river- even on the greyest of days.
My favourite walk was between The Doggetts Coat and Badge up to Westminster Bridge.

Recently, I bought a Geoff Kersey book, London in Watercolour - and there within was a photo of my favourite walk, with my view blighted by the London Eye.

The first painting I had to tackle was my favourite walk, but sorry, Geoff, I have omitted the London Eye, thus may I go back in time to my happy memories every time I look at the finished pic.

Stage 1


  1. At this stage your painting reminds me of 'A Foggy Day in London Town'. An era well before the London Eye!! Looking forward to the next stage.

  2. It does look a bit foggy, doesn't it? Many more grey days than sunny down there, in my youth :)


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