Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bill Tomei : A Celebration

Today is the Service of Celebration for Bill's life.
Whilst we cannot be there in person to offer comfort to his wife and family, we are there in Spirit..

and this is our Celebration of the man we knew and loved

On Eagle's Wings
On Eagle's Wings:

Ride the breeze and soar the sky
On Eagle's Wings, you'll bravely fly.

From up aloft, you'll clearly see
Hearts that beat so tenderly
Full of love and admiration
Together now in celebration.

Relatives, friends and colleagues too
All together, loving you.
Like a jack in your capacity
For love, for life, for loyalty.

Ride the breeze and soar the sky
On Eagle's Wings, you'll bravely fly.


Exodus 19:4
" I bore you on eagle's wings
and brought you to Myself."



  1. What a beautiful tribute Pat, looks perfect now its finished. x

  2. Pat, it is a beautiful painting and lovely poem. I will be joining you today in Spirit in celebrating Bill. xxx

  3. BEAUTIFUL....when you started it, I *knew* who it was for. :) Why's everyone wanting to make me cry today?? XXOO

  4. I am grateful to be able to join everyone here in celebration of Bill's life. He was a wonderful person.

    The painting and poem are so beautiful. Thank you Pat.

  5. Sorry to hear of your friends' passing...beautiful tribute.

  6. Barbi (Lucy,Desi,&Noodles)24 April 2010 at 20:35

    Just beautiful-Thank you for sharing them both.

  7. Oh! Pat! He's truly magnificent and so appropriate for the occasion.


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