Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Creative Instruction

Do you, like me, love to create something?
Do you take instruction in any way?
I remember one of my early tutors in one class being asked which books she'd recommend for people new to watercolours.
Her reply was that people buy too many instructional books and don't paint enough!

Sometimes I feel guilty of that, but books are just so delicious - and I always do at least two of the demos in each book. New ideas spring from different techniques .
Can you have too many books so you get creatively stifled? Can you?

The first painting holiday I went on was a mixture of nerves and fun!
Oh, I was full of nerves to start with, but once the sketching and the washes started, nerves were forgotten :)
I was so worried I would be the dunce of the class, you know - but everyone was so different in their style, that not one could be compared to another. All lovely in their own way. What a relief!

Taking painting holidays can be pricey, so in my last house I had a summerhouse converted to an art studio

- I would take a week off from work, take an instructional book and my painting kit down there and create.. with no expectation of perfection - just the joy of creating.
Another studio is planned for this new house :)

On one of these weeks, I created these...

Do you go on creative weekends or weeks? Do you have a studio?
Tell me all about it...


  1. Love your creations Pat. and I too would be so nervous going on a workshop holiday. Glad you enjoyed it. Oh yes we have to have our lovely illustration books. LOL I love them.
    I learn something from every book. Different techniques ... it's great.

  2. That sounds as if you, like me, have a little library of art books, Dors :)
    I'd go on another painting holiday - the tutors and the arty people are so supportive, you're immediately amongst friends :)

  3. I love the Gracie painting! So sweet. :)

  4. Thanks, Glynis :)

    I know on the workshops you teach, you will undoubtedly put any nerves to rest.. you are so full of enthusiasm for felt pets and so caring of people xx

  5. There's my sweet girls, Gracie and Jazz! That was fun Pat when I was writing about their adventures. Your sketches were really good and captured the fun!

  6. It was great fun reading their adventures, Marie :)
    Did you ever consider taking a writing vacation?

  7. A facebook "friend" suggested a 2 week art holiday in Umbria, Italy. I would love to do it and I'm afraid to do it! And it's pricey. Maybe some day.I'm glad to know others are just as nervous about it as I am. For now I'll just go out to my garden and dream!

  8. Hi Dora,
    having been on one, if I had the money, I would bite the bullet and go! We were made to feel so comfortable - and I'm sure after the first ten minutes, any nerves you had would disappear :)
    One day, I hope you will be able to take a painting holiday xx

    Now, if I was going to go to one outside the UK, I would be off to one of Lian Quan Zhen's workshops in the States :)
    I love his style of painting.

  9. That's a lovely variety of pictures Pat.

  10. Hey Beryl - you've been on a painting holiday - were you nervous the first time?

    and I'm glad you like the paintings :)

  11. Pat, I'll have to try it once, nearby. I know I'll love it. Thanks for the nudge!


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