Thursday, 8 April 2010

Going Up

Just the painting, for you to enjoy:

Going Up

This painting will be added to my permanent gallery site
Pat Elliott Paintings


  1. wow pat i love the modern stage your paintings are taking lately . you will have to go into the pop art next . really nice work pat

  2. Hello Pat! Following you back. I love your paintings!! I also replied to your comment on my blog about Aussie. I hope to get to know each other through our blogging!

  3. That's a very restful range of colours Pat. They work well together.

  4. Thanks, Bob. Glad you like where I'm going :)

    Hello Kerin - and welcome.
    Glad you liked the paintings - and I've always got the time to chat to another dog lover :)

    It is quite calm, isn't it, Beryl?
    I really enjoyed painting it :)


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