Monday, 26 April 2010

Call of the Wild

or Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!

Spring is well and truly here, the weather has improved no end, we are seeing sunshine and a multitude of weeds coming up in the garden!
Weeds - so many of the little blighters - and all needs removing so I can enjoy the pretty flowers without them being choked.

The quandary for a gardening artist... to paint or weed? Weeding won this weekend and now the garden is beginning to show its treasures - and there are more opportunities to photograph the fleeting flowers for later use in paintings.

Gardening reminds me a lot of painting.
There are paintings which are like evergreens, always there and always loved as they give a backbone and structure to the look of my house.

There are other paintings, which are beautiful when I make them - but are always destined to brighten up someone else's life - like gorgeous flowering perennials they brighten my day- but become evergreens in a different climate - the home they were meant to live in.

And then there are the weeds. How can paintings be weeds, you ask?
Weeds are only plants you don't want in your garden at that time.
Many herbalists would love to have dandelions and cleavers growing, as though weeds to most of us, they are useful little plants, with medicinal purposes.

So it is with many paintings and sketches. They are useful little things - they help me improve my techniques no end. But if I hung them all, you wouldn't see my great ones for the multitude. Of course - just like dandelions - they are great to someone else!

So even when I garden, painting is not far from my mind.
Both are enjoyable and creative.

I hope you managed to do whatever was enjoyable and creative to you, this past weekend.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your gardening Pat, all that work pays off, as you know.
    Love your display of pictures.

  2. I did enjoy the end result, Beryl.. but part of me still wishes I had a magic wand that I could swish and the weeds would be gone! Then I could go straight back to painting.
    Glad you liked the pictures :) xx


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