Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bill Tomei

A good friend passed away yesterday.
I got to know him because of our mutual love of Jack Russells.
Flapjack (above) and Jack of Diamonds (below) were his two litter siblings - Bill now joins Jack of Diamonds in Heaven.

God bless you, Bill, you were a friend indeed - and because of you I made many more good friends around the world, whose lives were also touched by jacks.
There's a special place for you in Heaven, for sure.
Our heartfelt sympathies to your family xx


  1. The fact that there are so many of us that are just heartbroken today, tells an incredible story of the man Bill was.

    His loving spirit and enthusiasm for life certainly touched everyone that knew him.

    I know it is a happy day in Heaven, but certainly a sad time for those he touched and left behind.

    We rescued our two jack girls because of what I learned on JRO when we were just "thinking about it" and a better community of friends~ friends that have become a extended family, couldn't be found.

    Bill's loving legacy will continue...

  2. Pat- I worked with Bill for nearly 14 years. Not directly, but always on the perifery of the work existence. He was a kind and compassionate man. He will be missed here at Cox. I wrote the following blank verse poem that captures my sadness and confusion. It is titled - For Bill:

    When there is a death in the family a sense of loss is felt.
    When the family is a work family the sense of loss is obscure, almost surreal.
    Nonetheless there is a loss.

    All the while surreal.

    There is a diminishing by ONE.
    One hole to be filled.
    Another that can not ever be filled.

    How do you grieve?
    Who do you reach out to and grieve with?

    How do you console?
    Who do you console?

    Only the reality of the passing of a friend.
    The passing of his spirit..
    And no chance to say even the lamest of good bye’s.

    On so many levels
    Bill Tomei will most surely be missed.

    Mike R

  3. Bill was one of my friends also. I was extremely sad to hear the news this morning. I saw him yesterday; we work together. He was the nicest person I have ever know.

  4. Bill was more than a coworker, he was a true friend. There aren't words to describe how all of us who worked closely with him feel. He left us with a legacy to embrace and enjoy life, every moment, not only because of his passing at a young age but even moreso by the way he lived his life. Bill loved life, every moment, every challenge, every person. He achieved what all of us strive each day for, to rise above the everyday stresses and live for the good life brings. Though his life was short, it was full and happy, possibly even more than many who live twice his age. I loved you Bill as a true friend that I worked with each and every day. I will miss you more than words can express.

  5. Bill will be terribly missed. He was a great friend to me and an example, even an inspiration. I still can't believe I will never see him again.

    Bob C

    Pat, thank you for the tribute to Bill. I know how much he enjoyed those dogs.

  6. Pat what a wonderful tribute to Bill. He will be greatly missed.

    Your JRO friend Helen in NJ

  7. I got a chance to work with Bill and he was very wonderful and enthusiastic. I will surely miss him a lot... i was not in US when this happened and was shocked to know that Bill is no more. I am saddened by his demise..

    Durgesh Vasmatkar

  8. billy was my cousin. its sad i will never see him again. sad that we werent on better terms. sad i can never tell him this. wish i knew you better bill.


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