Friday, 9 April 2010

Finding Time for Art

Its a busy world.
We all have work to do, chores to do and time to spend with those we love.

So how does anyone find time for art?
I find time by going to an art club once a week, for two hours.
The chores get forgotten and Weds eve is just for me.
Otherwise, my enjoyment might get forgotten.

I have seen many women sacrifice their enjoyment for family, friends, and chores. But strangely enough, if their hubby has a day off, he still manages to fit in a round of golf!

Every couple of months, my friend Beryl and I make a date for a day of painting, usually on a Sunday. The men cope for themselves on that day - they can you know! In fact, my hubby has even taken to cooking the dinner on my painting Sunday, so its a day of pure relaxation for me.

This painting was made at art club:

So, how do you fit your art into your schedule?


  1. This entry of yours comes at the right time. I have been feeling overwhelmed with work, home chores, driving my daughter here and there...and I have been feeling a little depressed because I have no time for even e-mails(I got up an hour early today to answer some)and Blogger and my art.
    Having an art club(like having a studio space--how wonderful!) to go to sounds like something I should look into.

  2. Hello Gal Friday and welcome!

    First Aid. I went on a course and one scenario was 12 people lying on the ground near an electricity pylon. The question was what do you do? Many people wanted to rush over and see what was wrong straight away.

    11 of the 12 - were people who had run to help the original 1 hurt person.

    The correct answer was to phone the electricity company and get the electric turned off.

    We were then instructed - look after the first aider first - or all else collapses.

    That reminds me so much of the way women run around doing A, B, C, D and E for their family.

    So I look after my own interests - or as sure as eggs are eggs, I will be allowed to carry on running round doing everything else and one day I will collapse!

    Really hope you can find an art group near you xx

  3. My painting would soon be neglected, without my Monday art classes and the Sundays when Pat and I have wonderfully relaxing painting days.
    Nor am I over conscientious with domestic chores that mean art is neglected.
    I just have many other interests so they have to be rotated
    With golf, line-dancing, gardening, knitting, embroidery, as well as reading and sewing each day is full of wonderful activities.
    I also have a very understanding husband.
    How lucky is that?

  4. Very lucky Beryl!

    and I have never been around your house and seen a mess, so you do pretty well on the domestic front too :)

  5. Thank you Pat, Dennis thinks he does it all!!

  6. He would though, wouldn't he ;) :lol:

  7. I wish I had more time for art! I recently drew my son Caleb a monster truck with pen. He wanted me to add some cars with I started but have yet to finish. I'll try to post it in my blog so you can see! Your work is beautiful. I wish I could find the time to be more artistic. I love art in all forms very much!


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