Thursday, 15 April 2010

Missy - my love.

Dogs are such amazing creatures.

Yesterday was understandably a tough one - and Missy stayed by my side all day, pushing right up against me whenever I sat down, offering comfort. She never pestered once for a walk or for treats.

When Paul came home, though, she unleashed all her daily energy on him - so she got to play tuggy and roughty-toughty.

And whilst they played for a good 20 minutes, yet again I sketched with pen and ink..

In the Garden


  1. I love sketching with pen. I am going to have to go back and see why this was a bad day for you. I found this one on your LinkWithin. Missy is such a cutie. Dogs are so loyal. Aussie loves to be on my lap all the time. If I knock her off she will lay on my feet and whine :)

  2. It was tough because a friend passed away in a road traffic accident. He was only 41.
    Dogs are a great comfort when times are bad xx


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