Friday, 6 May 2011

After Kahlo's Love Embrace

For this Paint like the Masters challenge, I chose to paint a section of Kahlo's "Love Embrace"


For this painting I swapped from my usual Arches Rough to Bockingford Not.
That's because Bockingford won't fizz colours as easily as A.R, which seemed more suited to what I could see as Frida's style.


I've not heard of Kahlo before and when I found her paintings, I wasn't really attracted to her style. It almost seemed too heavy handed for me, if not in technique, then it was in intent.
So the challenge for me was to find something in her painting I could relate to - and I found it in "love embrace"
Then I had to try to paint watercolours slightly "heavier" than I would normally.


I found that in "Love Embrace" I could relate to the intent of universe holding us and us holding that which we cherish. More specifically in the old dog being held.
I've tried to paint with more feeling than technical brilliance ( if I ever had that!)

Looking at this painting close up I'm ok with it, looking at it from four or five feet away, I love it .
You don't see the strokes, but you definitely catch the feeling.

So, I'm quite glad I did this.. again its taught me something new. Feeling can be felt over technique.. and that is worth a great deal .


  1. When I first read this post I had to find Kahlo's paintings first, I did not know her work. Hmmm, not my style either. But I love this little dog you found, there is something of Missy in it!

  2. What a lovely painting, Pat. I love dogs and this one looks like he needs a big cuddle! My best friend, Louie the Beagle, is curled up on the sofa trying to look as cute as this right now :)

  3. There is indeed, Judy.. I think it is my love of older dogs and my wish to comfort them xx

  4. I have never heard of Frida Kahlo so far
    and immediately I googled. She must have be an interesting personalitie in interesting times. The picture is somehow to their description.
    You have painted the detail of this image beautifully

  5. Thanks, Michael. I love how he's curled in the crook of an arm. Really appeals to me. Any pics of Louie on your blog?

  6. Thanks, Elsbeth.. glad you like it :) xx

  7. "Feeling can be felt over technique...and that is worth a great deal"---sounds like the best learning experience one could have! xx

  8. It was what made this worthwhile, Tonya - and you know how I love to learn! xx

  9. I love how you have explained your insights and feelings about this artist and your latest painting!
    That red is gorgeous and, with the light right below it, leads the eye right to that dog! Who says you don't have technical brillance!

  10. You made a difficult choise, Pat, but you managed to do it very well. I love Frida's work, particulary this picture. The small dog sleeping is so lovely! hers and yours too. xx

  11. Dear Pat,
    Good work. Wow, I admire your challenging spirit and chosen, "Frida Kahlo"! What a woman and artist!! And...Pat, you, too!! I totally agree your conclusion. That's why we make art work.
    Hugs&Smile, Sadami

  12. Thank you Christiane - you're too kind *hugs*

    Anamaria - I'm so glad you who love Frida's work should think I have made a lovely job of this painting , Thank you, I'm honoured xx

    Thanks, Sadami.. I like to try to stretch myself and assimilate styles, til I create a style that is uniquely me :) *hugs* xx

  13. This painting is so sweet...good sunday, Arianna!

  14. Hi Pat thanks for your visit, and thanks for explaining the painting I googled it you have done a lovely painting, I can well understand that painting have a distance for seeing them at their best.
    Give a hug to Missy for me.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  15. Thanks m'dear, glad you like it. Consider Missy hugged xx

  16. Hola Pat,no conocia la obra de kahlo,pero tu perrito me encanta.
    Me transmite ternura y ganas de abrazarlo.
    Un besito.

  17. Nice work, Pat and it really seems that you learned a lot- which was the intent!

  18. I find that it's much easier to paint something that I feel a connction with too. This dog is a cutie! :0)

  19. Pat the challenge was won, congratulations. Conveys feelings of warmth, protection and love.

  20. Wonderful work Pat! And that is just so true, feeling trumps technique every time. :):)


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