Thursday, 12 May 2011

Drawing Lilies

Thanks to Sharon and Mora over at Painting Friends, we have a section called "Drawing Corner"

This month they explained negative shapes, gave us many examples and provided reference pics for us to practise on.

I thought you'd like to see my practise pieces.

First, the negative spaces

then lightly drawing in the flower

and finally - the finished drawing.
I will be painting this :)

oh and if you have never seen Sharon's blog, you're in for a treat - HERE
and Nora's blog - just as fabulous - HERE


  1. I think this is a great exercice, Pat! I did a lot of this when I was learning how to draw using the rigth side of the brain. Your finished work is very good, I think it will be a wonderful painting. xx

  2. I look forward to the painting. It's very pretty as a drawing!

  3. Dear Pat,
    How sensitive and painstaking work you make! And how sensitive and caring for your friends, Pat!!!
    Big hugs&smile, Sadami

  4. Nice work, Pat. I think this is a piece of negative drawing you can feel very positive about ;)

  5. Very good step by step that Pat, it was beautiful, now I hope the painting:)
    Congratulations and big hug

  6. Great drawings! Negative shapes are difficult but this promises to be a very nice painting!

  7. Thank you Pat , always interesting to see procedures, looking forward to seeing the painted version. XXX

  8. wow, it's very nice. can't wait to see it painted

  9. Nice drawing, Pat and I am sure you will have fun painting it! I also hope that this means your blog is back for you!

  10. Thanks for the link, Pat. I'll look that up. My comment was lost due to Blogger issues but I think what I said was: you can be very positive about your negative drawing skills!

  11. that was what you said, Michael! I remember thinking it was pretty cool and then shazzam! we lose blogger and a stack of comments :(
    Wouldn't even let me publish again from your original email :(

    Thanks for coming back and commenting again *hugs* xx


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