Monday, 23 May 2011


If you scroll down to "Raw Cider" you will see a set of thumbnails.
This painting used thumbnail number 2 as a basis.
I wanted to try a minimalist style.
This is how the book Realistic Abstracts is encouraging me to think.
Remember, it had no demos... so you have to construct your own paintings.

All of my paintings can be viewed on my website HERE at any time. 
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  1. The book certainly keeps you busy!
    I am not sure about the dripping apples, it looks unfinished to me. But the background is fabulous! Keep experimenting, I'm learning with you! ;-)

  2. I understand it looks unfinished, Judy - but that was deliberate .. because Evolution is never finished, either :)
    I love the back ground too, it ripples and flows to my eye :)
    And for sure I'll keep experimenting :) xx

  3. I agree with Judy, that background is really fresh and vibrant! Had a quick browse of your website Pat - lots of fabulous pieces there. I feel very unproductive now and must paint more and paint bigger again! Gracie looks very much like Rusty, my old Jack Russell. Ah, happy memories :)

  4. Tis a good background :)
    Glad you liked the website. Gracie was my friend's jack, like Rusty she too is in Heaven xx

  5. You certainly have a whole variety of art on offer here Pat! It's nice to watch your journey :0)
    I will be away from Tuesday night until the 1st of June so I'm afraid I may miss a few posts until then, so please don't think I'm ignoring you :0)

  6. Hi,Pat,
    The work looks very interesting for me. Especially, the wash in a background vs the apples' dripping. Also, colours, too. Keep challenging, but enjoy them all.
    Cheers, Sadami

  7. This is really nice Pat, love how loose you have painted this, and like the other posts, I also love the background, the color contrast really pushes the background back, and the apples forward.

  8. Glad you are enjoying the journey, Sandra. And of course I won't think you are ignoring me - I know you're off for your 40th! Hope you have a fab time :) xx

    Thanks, Sadami, so pleased you find it interesting. I do know it won't be everyone's cup of tea :) xx

    Thanks, Maria.. it is loose - and I love it! :) xx

  9. Pat really liked, and chose the colors, creating a neutral background and watery nuances wonderful.
    Foreground with the complementary colors of course a smart move gaining luster and vibrancy. You could change when the apples put the cable in only one of them, it was enough to set the other interpretations as other apples. Congratulations

  10. Thanks Ann. xx

    Thanks Nil, glad you really liked it, as you have more experience than I in this type of work. Have taken your comments on board and hopefully I'll carry on improving :) xx

  11. Love those colors, Pat- especially the blues!

  12. Love the melting together of the colors in the background!

  13. Oh I love it - kinda dark and vampireee totaly different from your usual but v nice for a change

  14. I like it - at first glance it could be a landscape, then you look more closely and see the apples. Your experiments are taking you in all sorts of interesting directions !

  15. Pat I already made a comment on this post this morning , don't know why it hasn't appeared, but...I love the fusion of these washes, and the " unfinished " part really makes my fantasy run loose!!

  16. It's a beautifutl work, Pat, I like

    I have just visited your website, you have a lot of good paintings there too.

    I like specially "Paddling my own Canoe". Don't you think you already made some abstract there?
    I 'm curious about the size. I try to make those beautiful backgrounds you make, I almost do in small sizes but when the paper is big I make ink blots..argh...

    Congrats and a big hug

  17. Thanks Sheryl and Jane. The background colours are scrumptious :)

    It does look a bit vampire-y Pam. Especially the apple on the right :) Fun, though!

    Thanks Sandie - I like the ambiguity.. and I'm loving the new directions. Wherever I end up, I hope to be more rounded :)

    Sorry Jane, I moderate all comments and yesterday I wasn't at the computer at all - I had a day out! Hence no publishing until this morning :)

    Anamaria - you are right. Without me knowing I have painted a few realistic abstracts before. Well spotted!
    The secret to the bigger pages I find is to wet the background with plain water first and then drop in your colours. No blots that way :) xx

  18. Thanks, Pat, next time I'll wet the backgorund. I think I must buy a book with some tips like this ! I lost several works because I use to wet the front page...Thanks again. xx

  19. The book didn't give that tip, Anamaria - its something I have learned from when I first went to classes. xx


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