Monday, 16 May 2011

The Gift.

Yesterday I carried on down the abstract route.
I simplified a vase and flowers by making a contour drawing.
That is, an outline drawing of the edges of the flower mass and the edges of the vase. That's all.
Then I studied shadows and colour and simplified them.
This is what I came up with:

The Gift


  1. Love the lose soft abstract here and in the last few paintings. Just enough detail in the flowers to draw the imagination.

  2. Thanks, Dors.
    I really like this one.. you can tell, because I gave it a name! Glad you like it too :) xx

  3. This is very nice, Pat. Love the reflection. Just the right amount of abstract to keep my attention:) A little Charles Reid-ish perhaps ?

  4. Thanks, Michael!
    uh-oh, don't know him.. is this another book to buy? :lol:

  5. LOL. Just put them all on your Amazon wishlist for now and make a few hints around next birthday/Christmas !

  6. I like this Pat. I like the simplicity and the non-fussiness. I also like the reflection too :0)

  7. good idea, Michael! Will do that :)

    Thanks Sandra. I'm quite enamoured of it too :) xx

  8. Simple and stylish! I like the reflection too!
    My book wishlist is growing. ;-)

  9. I LOVE this.. I wish I had the courage to paint like this. Yu have acheived a great piece.

  10. I think you learned much from the book on abstracts,Pat, this work is wonderful. I loved it. Congratulations! xx

  11. This is just beautiful Pat. I love the creamy simplicity of it. Quite magical.xx

  12. Dear Pat,
    First, CONGRATS!! Beautiful and simplified info speaks very well. I love the mood of this painting. Second, biiiig hugs!! I'm sure it requires a big courage to make a leap. Friend, you made it. Let us celebrate it and let us move onto a future. Yey~~~!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  13. I like very much this way of painting, Pat. To me, your flowers are really beautiful. Ciao!

  14. Works really well. Simple and quite calming!

  15. It is very soft and pretty.I am glad that you aren't getting too wild here with your abstract experiments. You know what I mean.

  16. It is so pretty. Job well done. Have a nice day.

  17. Thanks, Judy! I'm sure you'll love it if you buy it :) xx

    Thanks Prabal. I surprised myself with this - and I love it too :) xx

    Thanks, Anamaria - glad you loved it xx

    Cheers, June. It does have a magical feel to it :) xx

    Sadami, you always make me smile! We'll toast in elderflower cordial :) xx

    Thanks Tito. Glad you think its beautiful xx

    Thanks Sharon. It has that feel, but took a lot of thought! xx

    I know what you mean Tonya.. but I may go wild yet! ahhahahaa *hugs* xx

  18. Thanks Willow . We x- posted xx

  19. It's wonderful Pat, love the reflections and the soft colors!

  20. Thanks Maria. I love the reflections too :) xx

    Thanks Penny. :) xx

  21. I love watercolour used in this way because it brings out the character of the medium - great work !

  22. Beautiful Pat!! I really, REALLY like that. :)

  23. Thanks Ann, I think its great too ! :) xx

    Thanks Crystal, pretty neat, huh? :) xx

  24. Pat was fantastic.
    I love the colors you choose and work with white.
    When working with abstraction the figure begins to lie flat even built into perspective.
    You got Pat, congratulations!!!
    I am very happy :)

  25. Thanks, Nil.
    I am so happy that you like what I've done, because I love your work.
    When you see beauty in this, I know I am on the right track in this technique.
    *hugs* xx


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