Friday, 13 May 2011

Even Solomon

Here's the painting of the lilies that I drew.
Its been ready to post since Friday, but due to blogger issues, I couldn't post it.
I'm also sorry to say that some of your comments have been lost in the blogger troubles and when I tried to re-publish from the email, it told me your comments no longer existed.  Sorry about that . Hopefully we're back to normal now.

Even Solomon.

As always, this will be added to my gallery site:  Pat Elliott Paintings
where you can find all of my paintings easily.


  1. Pat, this is lovely and nice to see how it developed from your previous drawing.

  2. Wow Pat, this is beautiful, the flowers seem to be flowing on water, love it! xox

  3. Beautiful, this red flowers against the green!
    How is the book of Kees van Aalst? I'm thinking of bying it myself.

  4. Thanks Judy!
    Its quite a good book, no "how to" instruction, more a "think about how to do it" and here are some helpful tips - and some beautiful paintings demonstrating what I mean.
    I'm working today, but tomorrow I will write a review.. I've also done some trial paintings too I'd like to show you all :) xx

  5. Dear Pat,
    Congratulations!! The red lilies look really "outstanding" in the background. Gorgeous. I like the wash in the background,too.
    Cheers, Sadami

  6. Hi Pat, I like very much your red lilies and also the green background, very good choice of colors. Ciao!

  7. Lovely painting Pat! Blogger just added to my horrible week with all that..

  8. Thanks, Sadami. Glad you liked them :) xx

    Thank you, Tito. I love the colours too :) xx

    Thanks Dora. Sorry to read you've had a rough week *hugs* xx

  9. Lovely lovely lovely.. I just loved everything about it..

  10. thank you, Prabal. You're very kind xx

  11. Love that background. it looks sort of sagey green on my monitor... whatever it is it's beautiful..
    Yes, we all had the problems with blogger ,, don't know what happened during it. BJ

  12. Thanks, BJ ...its a few different greens :)

    Thank you, Arianna xx

  13. Yes - Wasn't that annoying!! Your flowers are uplifting! I love the colours :0)

  14. they are lovely, Pat, and the background is so soft and transparente, really beautiful. xx and have a nice weekend

  15. Oh Pat, it looks lovely.
    I had the same problem with losing comments.

  16. Thank you Sandra, glad you like them xx

    Thanks Anamaria. I love that background too :) xx

    Cheers, Ann. Tis rather lovely *big grin* xx

  17. Beautiful job on the lillies Pat. Gorgeous colors.


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