Friday, 9 September 2011

Building some interest

Good morning, friends.

This post is not about increasing your savings, but building interest in the floral  painting :)

Underneath the flowers, brush in some clean wet water. Have your board at a tilt, so the water will run down a little.
With a light mix of ultramarine and sap green,  dab the brush just under the flower, so the wash blends into the clean water.

Also - make a couple of stems and swirls with the blue/green mix and add some aureolin dashes of paint with your rigger, to make some interesting flower spikes and vine type clingers.

With any luck, it should come out, something like this.

I am working at the day job this morning, but will be painting again this afternoon, so hopefully should have some more to show you tomorrow.
It will be building up some greens underneath the flowers. So don't wash your mix off your palette!


  1. It's great to see these step by step flowers! I think I work in a similar way, but I don't always do an underpainting.

  2. I don't always do an underpainting, either, Judy. Hence this one is a complete experiment. :)
    Glad you're enjoying the step by step :) xx

  3. I'm enjoying this step-by-step, Pat. Why, I may even have a go at steps one and two myself a little later. If I do, I'll post mine for comparison :)

  4. Pat, I'm still following...great to see how this is growing. Isn't it exciting when a painting develops.

  5. Pat, this is going to be a most charming already is :) I don't paint in watercolors, I use acrylics, but I love seeing watercolor paintings, and the steps used...thank you :D

  6. It is looking great Pat, look forward to seeing it progress, and always appreciate your painting tips!

  7. This is looking lovely Pat! I like the idea of laying down washes and then drawing over the top, but I haven't tried it yet. I think that can only help us not to 'fill in' the drawing and give it a much looser feel. :0)

  8. Good banker/ painter joke! I look forward to seeing what you do with it this aft.

  9. Where would we be without experimenting Pat :).. Your rainbowie background looks gorgeous; just imagine when you place flowers and give them a volume! Fantastic
    Thank you,

  10. This step by step is fun. You need to do more process tutorials. Very fun to watch as well.

  11. Experiments are a wonderful way to learn! Thanks for sharing, Pat


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