Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Keeping a Sketchbook

I keep two sketchbooks.
One is for ideas for painting.
The second is one I use to write poetry and doodle a related picture.

I write the haiku and then draw.
These coloured pencil drawings are not meant for me to make paintings from, but do serve to help me meditate.

This is a very special bistro set bought for me by a dear friend in Texas, so its the ideal place to sit back and meditate. 

The coloured pencil wrap was also a present from the same friend, beautifully hand crafted by Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks, HERE

When the haiku is written and the drawing complete, I sit back and ponder..

Here are a couple of snippets for you to see:

the front page

and the haiku :

Silent as the stone
Sit with me in peacefulness
Drinking in the sun.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my meditative sketchbook.


  1. Morning Pat! I love a peek in people's stuff! Love the sketchbooks and the haiku!

  2. I love seeing other artists sketchbooks...great to see how you work. That looks a lovely spot in your garden.

  3. Thanks, Judy, glad you loved them xx

    Thank you Ann. It is a lovely spot and just right for sitting peacefully on a summer's day xx

  4. Lovely bistro set. Small and compact. I like the color pencils wrap. It is convenient for travel or in the garden. Even though I had just looked at her site. She makes beautiful things. Your haiku is simple and well done.

  5. Pat, your peek into your sketchbook is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing. And I love your little poems as well. xx Dion.

  6. Love your sketchbook. That colored pencil wrap is great!!!

  7. What a neat idea, Pat! And I enjoyed your haiku. Very relaxing indeed.

  8. most definitely enjoyed it. thanks for sharing it with us

  9. Thanks for the 'peek' you know I love all your work... checked out the work on your house, and I love that staircase. hugs, BJ

  10. I just loved this post. Seeing where you live and your sketchbook,plus a sneak look makes me feel like I know you even more.

    I haven't been a good communicative friend lately and I am sorry about that. I am trying to find a way to do better.xx


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