Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Three Sisters

Yesterday I spent some more time on the step by step, and I think its finished. But I will wait a few days before I make that final call, because something else might pop out at me, or someone may come up with a suggestion that makes me think - oh yes, that would make it better!
That does happen, and I am not above taking suggestion to improve my paintings.

Sometimes when I visit other blogs, I am mindful not to say how or what I would change, because that would make it my painting - and we should allow each their own style! But at times, I can see how the addition of a darker shadow, or continuity in light source could improve what is there.
I'm happy for anyone to make constructive comments in the same vein.

Anyway, here's the first photo from yesterday.

Using a sap green and ultramarine mix, with varying degrees of stickiness, I painted some vague foliage and then some more defined foliage.
I did this because I wanted to express that the three flowers could be on a vine, or could be three flowers standing independently. I like that kind of ambiguity. Not always do I want my paintings to be clear cut, so that what you first see is all there is.
I then added some splatter , in dark green mix, and alizarin on its own.
To do this, load one brush with paint and then tap it against a second one, held at an angle that makes a cross - an upright one, like Jesus' cross - not an X cross. Make sure you cover the flowers with a piece of paper, if you don't want them splattered too :)

I looked at the painting for a while and the flowers seemed a little bland to me, so I deepened some shadows and added some veins. I made them stronger on the right most flower, to give one flower that stood out more than the others.
I think its finished now, unless of course, you'd like to come up with a suggestion to improve it.  I hope you've enjoyed how this painting has progressed.

One last hint someone else gave me. Click the picture to get the larger version, then squint as you view it. Apparently that gives you a rough impression of how you would see it on a wall, when you're seated!

The Three Sisters


  1. I would definitely say it is finished Pat....Very good, and I like the way you have described the painting process.

  2. Thanks Ann, glad you like it and enjoyed the process :) xx

  3. Well done Pat, these three sisters are now very nice indeed. Have a good week end. Ciao!

  4. Ciao Pat,stupendi come sempre,sei bravissima!!
    Sono appena rientrato dalle ferie e passo per lasciarti un grande abbraccio!!
    Ciao,buon weekend!

  5. Thanks, Tito. You're very kind. Have a great weekend, too xx

  6. Thanks, Francesco. So glad you like it :)
    So lovely to see you back, hope you had a wonderful holiday. *hugs* xx

  7. I enjoyed seeing the painting process, and I love the result! My only suggestion would be to soften the red veins in the flowers towards the outer ends of the petals. Have a nice weekend! xx

  8. Pat, this is so beautiful, and I love the title, "The Three Sisters". This is what my sisters, and I have been called ever since we were children :)
    Hugs xx

  9. Thank you, Judy! That's a very good suggestion; and a change I shall make :) xx

    Thanks Jan, so pleased it brought back a happy memory for you xx

  10. I love your Three Sisters Pat. I would happily say it was finished if it were mine but your heart will tell you.
    Love and Hugs
    Juine xx

  11. Three very beautiful sisters, very joyous and almost seem to be dancing.

  12. Lovely sisters! I like the background so delicate...Arianna

  13. They are so bright and fun! I really love this painting!

  14. Beautiful Pat!
    Thank you for coming over to meet Ruby.. So happy you enjoyed her.

  15. It was nice to see how you built this one up Pat - and what a fabulous end result! Thanks for sharing all your processes with us :)

  16. Thanks, June - glad you like it xx

    Thanks Jane - they do feel like they're happily dancing away! xx

    Thanks, Arianna - I love this three colour background - I'm going to try another! xx

  17. Hi Tonya - bright and fun is right! Glad you like it xx

    thanks Penny, glad you think its beautiful xx

    Michael, I'm glad you enjoyed the process and the end result. xx

  18. very nice,parecen que estàn flotando con una rafaga de viento.besos.conchi.

  19. I like your flowers Pat - Particularly the textural effects you have used in the foliage :0)

  20. Nice and sunny.. Great painting to look at on a chilly day. :)

  21. Thanks, Conchi, glad you like it. *hugs* xx

    Thanks, Sandra - I like a bit of texture! :) xx

    Thank you Prabal. Funny you should say that, it was so miserable weather wise when I was painting these, that I fancied making them tropical :) xx

  22. These are beautiful! The softness of the background with the sprinkle of colors through it is so pretty! And the flowers just jump out at me with a big smile. Very nicely done!

  23. Hi Pat
    Well done. I love it
    Elsbeth xx


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