Saturday, 24 September 2011

Painted, Plastered and again, Painted

What's been going on here recently?

I painted this little sketch as a birthday present for someone :)

Whose birthday? The man who was plastering our hallway and up the staircase.
He did a wonderful job, the plaster is so smooth - its wonderful to see a craftsman at work. It was his birthday while he was here working, he owns four jack russells, so I painted this for him. Needless to say, he loved it :)

Here's a photo of his plaster work up the staircase. It will take a week to dry and then we can paint it white. Its going to be stunning.

On the good days, I've been outside painting the finished garage, which he'd rendered for us also.

The journey with working on the house is coming to an end.
Time to stand and stare, as a famous poet once said :)


  1. Lovely present! I love the peek into your home, lovely house!

  2. Lovely painting of the Jack Russell, no wonder your plasterer was pleased with it. Glad your works are coming to an end, we know only too well how arduous it all can be!

  3. Thanks, Ann . He was very happy when he got the painting.

    Building works - ugh, but worth it in the end! :) xx

  4. Que regalo más bonito Pat.
    Claro que le encantó,porque lindo.
    Me ha gustado la miradita que nos haces de tu casa,me encanta la escalera y sobre todo el jardín.

  5. Morning Pat. Four Jack Russels, Oh boy, he has my sympathy and deserves your lovely painting for doing a grand job! I used to have two JRs, way back before I had Lou. BTW, love those stairs, you have a lovely home :)

  6. Thanks, Conchi, glad you enjoyed the painting and the glimpse into my house :) xx

    Ah Michael, four jacks would be some much fun :) You know you want to go there, don't you? :lol:
    Thanks, I love this house, Just it needed some tweaking. When its all done, I'll post some before and after shots and you can see what we did :) xx

  7. Sweet present, Pat. I bet he was surprised and very pleased. Your house is looking good and I bet you are pleased that finally the work is coming to an end.

  8. i just realized your blog wasn't in my painting friends blogs... for shame..!!! fix it now i can watch all the action...have a fun day!!

  9. Hi,Pat,
    Ah, you're so nice!!! And your paintings, too! The lovely house. Enjoy your life fully.

  10. That's a nice gift for your plasterer. How nice, 4 Jack Russells. Fun, lively dogs are that.
    What do you have a lovely hall / stairway.

  11. Nice present! Good weekend, Arianna

  12. I am sure your plasterer will treasure Missy's portrait always. From your stairwell photo, it looks like you live in an interesting and beautiful old home.

  13. Love the painting. He must have been thrilled with that.
    It's nice when you can find someone who does good work, not always easy to find someone like that

  14. What a sweet thought Pat, lovely little painting, and thank you for sharing the photos on work in progress.

  15. Nice gift! Surely this person is happy. Missy is very pretty here.

    Good luck with the painting of the house, will be precious

  16. Oh Pat... what a lovely Painting! I can just imagine his joy at your giving it to him! How very thoughtful of you! Your stairwell is gorgeous...I even like it looking as it does unpainted!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  17. That is a very sweet painting. The journey coming to an end...what will you do? You've been working on it for so long!

  18. Hi Pat! I dont know how I missed this lovely post! You say its a little sketch but I think it's a wonderful watercolor, I can feel how cosy this pet was, sleeping as if he was in heaven...xoxo


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